For our final project during Ironhack’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp, we were given 2 weeks to find a problem and design a solution.

The Problem

Imagine opening up your fridge, looking inside, and finding an old tomato. Having no idea what to cook with it, you end up throwing it away.

Some of…

The Overview

For our first individual project at the Ironhack UX/UI Bootcamp, the brief was to develop a digital product for the wellness industry; be it to better the user’s mental, physical, or emotional health. We were given 2 weeks to design an MVP.

After some guerilla interviews, I identified the following…

Brief: Redesign a website for a local business.

Miss Mariquita is a local clothing store based in Lugo, Spain. It is full of local charm and works purely with Spanish brands. They offer fun clothes with original designs and a retro touch.


Our team of 4: Juncal Juaniz, Julián Casado

Ironhack gave us an hour to select 3 random words from a list and create a product relating to all 3 words, no matter how seemingly disconnected they might be.

As there were 3 of us in our team (Ana Villar Eiroa, Irene Abellan and I), we each picked a…

My first project at the Ironhack Bootcamp was fastpased, exciting and eyeopening.


We were given the following brief to work on an application for the local produce company ‘Huertify’:

“As a user I want to buy local products and I want to know where they come from and when they…

One of my greatest passions is travelling, so when I found out that for this challenge I had to step into the shoes of a world traveler for a case study, I got excited! My first task was to choose a destination to focus on. …

The current pandemic has definitely brought my food delivery addiction to light, so when I was challenged to practice wireframing during the Ironhack pre-work, Glovo seemed like the perfect choice.

Glovo is an app that offers different types of courrier services; from transporting important documents to supermarket deliveries. …

Citymapper is a public transport and navigation app which provides its users with all the information they need to get from point A to B. The app works by allowing you to compare information of all possible routes (including time, cost, and even calories burnt) to get you your destination…

Cecilia Schneider

UX / UI Designer x Ironhack.

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